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Prize Toss- A Classic Game with a New Look for Your Next Promotions Event


Prize Toss (Black)

Model No: 80024


Prize Toss offers you a great way to engage customers by providing an "everybody wins" promotion that is fun and interactive while also serving as a great advertising tool for your company. The portable design is perfect for virtually any promotional event that creates an advertising display for your business that customers won't miss.

The large header at the top offers you a perfect spot to place your logo or custom message. The large playing surface offers another potential spot where your graphics are sure to be seen. The Prize Toss game comes with three tossing pucks that can be custom branded for an additional cost, ensuring your logo makes it into the hands of every customer!

Included in Package:

  • One game board
  • Collapsible stand
  • Three pucks

Sale Price:$179.00 per unit
Buy the Prize Toss for your next promotion. Call 800-573-3111 to order or chat with one of our live event marketing specialists now.

How Prize Toss is Played:

Prize Toss is an easy game where contestants toss a puck at prize slots located on the large playing board. The slots differ in size, creating different challenge levels. If the player misses the top prizes, the puck will simply slide down into one of the lower prize slots. That's right, every customer is guaranteed a prize! The Prize Toss will be a hit with customers of all ages.

The Prize Toss is designed so that all players are a winner and no player leaves empty handed. Collapsible and portable, the Prize Toss game is very easy to customize. By using downloadable templates, you can change the prize slots out as many times as you wish for free! Featuring eight total prize slots, four at the top and four at the bottom, the Prize Toss is sure to get your marketing message across.

Prize Toss Game dimensions:

Dimensions Dept Width Height Weight (lbs.)  
Product 30" 20" 19" 5.5 lbs.


Carton size 36" 23" 10" 6 lbs.  

Prize Toss Event & Promotion Ideas:

Power Promotions:  Nobody can resist a guaranteed win. By implementing a prize toss in to your promotion you can capture the attention of potential customers, allowing you to make contact and initiate conversation. Additionally, by offering significant dollar-off amounts as prizes that are only redeemable on the day of the event, the Prize Toss is a sure fire way to boost event sales!

Whether you are having a special event at your business location, at a trade show or an off-site promotion, the Prize Toss is a great way to promote your brand to potential customers and increase revenue. Need specific ideas? Let our professional promotions experts help you develop the perfect promotion for your new Prize Toss. Just contact us to speak to a promotions specialist.

Long-Term Promotions: Make the Prize Toss an ongoing part of your business’ promotional marketing strategies and allow contesants to play at any time for a chance to win coupons, discounts, prizes and more. Prize Toss makes for a perfect tension reliever when the negotiating gets fierce or a great ice breaker for nervous customers. Bring a smile to your customers  faces every time with the Prize Toss!

Prize Toss- The Right Solution:

Whether you are offering knick-knacks, discounts or huge prizes, the Prize Toss can accommodate your needs. Remember, “If they’re smiling, they’re buying!” So, put a smile on their faces and a sale in your ledger by buying the Prize Toss today!

Buy the Prize Toss:

Prize Toss is available now for your next promotion or event. Call 800-573-3111 to buy the Prize Toss. Our promotion specialists are available to assist you and answer any questions.!

The Prize Toss is Perfect for:

Auto dealership promotions Casino promotions
Race track events Bank promotions
Trade shows Radio station promotions
In-store events Grand opening events
Fundraisers Fairs/Carnivals

Need More Promotion Ideas?

Promotion Store has an experienced staff that is dedicated to helping you find the best promotional products to suit your needs. Our promotion specialists can help you create fresh, exciting ideas and assist you in choosing the right products to ensure your next promotional event in a success.

Prize Toss will take care of your customers and you by giving them something to smile about and you sales for your business. Keep the entire family entertained, engaged and positive with the Prize Toss and in turn, you will see your profits increase.

To find out more and to order your Prize Toss promotional game and supplies
call Promotion Store now at 800-573-3111


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